We keep our fees as low as possible, to allow maximum access to our wonderful school. In 2011, the fees are around $2,750 per child per year (paid quarterly), with reductions for siblings. This fee includes books, and there is no uniform. For more information, please call or email us.

Do you do homework?

No. We see parents as co-educators, and expect that you will be involved in your child’s education – everything from reading with them at home, to helping out at school. We don’t see the need to have extra formal work outside of school hours.

How do you approach testing?

You can read all about our assessment policies here.

Are you like Steiner Schools or other alternative schools?

No. We are a democratic school. You can read more about democratic education.

How are the classes structured?

We are a multi-age school. We have three classes – big kids, little kids and middle kids. However, there are lots of whole school activities, and the kids play and work with all ages.

What about uniforms? Shoes?

We don’t have a uniform at Pine. The kids are free to wear whatever they like. We have frequent dress-up days – everything from Pajama Day to Crazy Hair Day.

What about high school?

Derek and Claire, Pine Parents for many years, had this to say:

At times we have had doubts about whether such a fun and play focussed environment was really going to be able to meet the demands and standards required for high school. But through the huge variety of activities, interactions and experiences that the children are immersed in, as well as the key curriculum requirements, their social intelligence is built well beyond what any rote learning could achieve. Having this critical developmental building block firmly established has provided the foundation for our son to now thrive as an academically competent and self-confident individual who is now looking forward to starting a new period of life at high school in the New Year ahead.

A past parent has written an essay about how her Pine children coped with high school. Click on the image below to read it.


If you have any further questions, please contact us.