About Pine

Pine Com­munity School is an inde­pend­ent demo­cratic com­munity primary school for chil­dren situ­ated in the leafy bush­land of Arana Hills, Bris­bane, Queens­land, Aus­tralia. We are com­mit­ted to provid­ing a caring, har­mo­ni­ous envir­on­ment where the aca­demic, phys­ical, social, emo­tional and cre­at­ive devel­op­ment of each indi­vidual stu­dent is attained to their max­imum poten­tial. This is achieved through small, multi-age set­tings, with a high teacher to stu­dent ratio, where teach­ers, par­ents and the com­munity work together to nur­ture pos­it­ive self-esteem and encour­age all stu­dents to become respons­ible and motiv­ated. We love our school and hope you enjoy explor­ing our web site.