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Painting the water tank

Painting the water tank

Pine is not just a school; it is a community, where all members are an important and equal part. We operate on principles of democracy.

We have no grades – there are three classes, informally known as the big kids, the little kids and the middle kids, and each child works at their own pace. We are a play-based learning environment, especially for the younger years, as we believe that children are natural learners. The teachers are seen not as authority figures, but as collaborators in the children’s learning, guiding and scaffolding it, taking advantage of the children’s enthusiasm for a particular topic at a particular time.

You can also read about the things we learn about, and the environment in which we do them, and how the learning we do is monitored and assessed.

You can also have a read about what it’s like at Pine according to the kids, parents, and teachers. The media has talked about us too!


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