A whole school approach to assessment and testing

Firstly, the process of assessment is seen as “gathering information”. Evaluation is the process of reflecting on, or judging, the quality of that data (how well they have done it). From our perspective, assessment is ongoing, authentic and purposeful. Teachers, parents and students are constantly gathering information about what they are learning and what they can do. Evaluation in so far as reflection on what was learnt is important if it is done in a way that supports the child to go further and supports the teacher to plan experiences. Evaluation that is judgmental to the detriment of the child’s self-esteem and learning abilities is not effective.

We believe that assessment and evaluation should

Our school offers parent-teacher interviews twice yearly, and collates folios of work samples, continuums, learning progressions, photos and learning stories to document the children's learning and progress. We also are in weekly communication with families via face-to-face, emails, meetings and sharing of progress. We are required to give report cards and offer NAPLAN to students. Many families choose to opt out of these processes, preferring the rich information they receive about their child's development from their interactions with teachers .