‘Teachers play with you and you get to play on the dirt pile and a garden where you grow veggies and you get to do fun things like Our Town and Pet Parade. Pet Parade is the best. You get to bring your pets to school. When we plant all the seeds in the garden, you actually get to help weed it and plant things. You get to climb trees. Mostly every single tree there is a fruit tree. – girl, age 9

I love the worm farm and once I found this huge worm in the worm farm the size of an earth worm, even though we only have tiger worms in there. I called it Sushi. – girl, age 10

Maris [school administrator] got four new fish and we voted on names which were Sebastian, Sushi, Snow Man and Swish. – 10 year old girl.

Because of the teachers and all the fun – boy, age 12

Planting in the pizza garden - 6 year old girl 

There’s a teacher there called Terry, and you get to call him things like Merry and Terry-ific – girl, age 9

I like getting to know everyone in the school – 6 year old girl

It’s fun. I learn something new every day. – 8 year old girl

One day my mum asked me what my favourite thing is about Pine and I said “everything” – 12 year old girl

I love Pine because it’s such a fun and great school to be at and I wish that Pine was everywhere around the world – 9 year old boy

There are great toys and you can make a lot of friends really easily and the teachers are great – 9 year old boy

Since the school is small, you get to know everyone, and if you fight with someone, the teachers help us do a conflict resolution so it gets dealt with. – girl, 10

Pine was the most spiritual and most exciting school I’ve been to yet – boy, 14 (attended Pine for years 6 and 7)

Pine is the awesome-est school I have ever been to. We like do a mix of different things, like some people can do projects while some people are doing writing, which is really cool, because we don’t have to do the same things. I really like the writing. Some of my friends and I are making a series of books. Once they’re done they’ll be on display in the library. – girl, 11