Being Involved

Parent Participation

Parents are encouraged to participate in all areas of the school’s operation – fund-raising, social activities, excursions, cleaning and helping out at school. We understand this looks different for different families at different seasons of their family life, but we encourage all parents to be a part of the school community in whatever way they can! 

Parents are welcome as co-educators to pass on their particular work, passions, hobbies and skills to the students. Several times a year there is a Parent Involvement Day, where parents lead fabulous learning sessions, hang out and connect with our students. Parents are expected to learn more about the process of alternative education through participation in parent workshops and discussion at general meetings informally.

Pine Community School has an open door policy and welcomes parents and family members to be a part of the school community at any time - to play, read, connect, share, learn and just be a part of our school life.